During the early release of AdBlock VPN, you may be asked to uninstall and reinstall the VPN in order to troubleshoot common issues. Below you'll find instructions for installing and uninstalling AdBlock VPN. If you run into any problems, please report them on our Slack channel.

How To Install AdBlock VPN (Alpha Release)

Please note that you can only install AdBlock VPN if you've been invited to join our Alpha release group. Please refer to the welcome email you received from AdBlock to access the download links you'll need. If you no longer have that email, you may refer to the first post pinned in the #General channel of Slack, search the Slack channel for "Download Links," reach out to us on Slack, or send us an email at vpnsupport@getadblock.com for the links to install.

How To Uninstall AdBlock VPN (Alpha Release) 

Make sure you are disconnected from the VPN before attempting to uninstall.


  1. Open the Apps & features from the Settings menu (type "Apps & features" in Windows search to find it)
  2. Find AdBlock in the list of Apps & Features and select Uninstall


  1. Go to Applications and find AdBlock VPN 
  2. Right-click and select Move to Trash 
  3. Click Continue to finish uninstalling


  1. Press and hold the AdBlock VPN icon until the menu opens
  2. Select Delete App


  1. Open the Google Play Store app
  2. Tap the menu (three horizontal lines) and select My apps & games

  3. Tap on AdBlock VPN and select Uninstall